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Past speakers and events

Our past speakers have included various credible, high calibre, but also down to earth entrepreneurs.

The topics at our events range, but in nutshell can summed up as always about bringing idealistic or futuristic dreams to the present. Less talk and more action is the theme echoed at all our events.

We think forwards, our speakers think forwards, and we mostly certainly encourage you to think forwards.

We see thing through without reservations, our speakers act and inspire others admirably, and we would like to see you act on business instincts without a moment’s hesitation.


Future events and speakers

We will continue to put on events and bring to you the most brilliant, brazen speakers in the belief that they will inspire and make you understand what it is you have to do to maximise your existence as a figure in the business world.

Use these events as a chance to network, as ‘the more people you know, the more likely you are to have a lucky encounter’.


Businesses tours/first hand experiences

Indeed we understand that not everyone wants to form a business from the ground up, or a political or social idea.

As such, we will be offering you the chance to go on tours on the premises of some of our business partners. This will enable you to get first-hand experience in that particular industry.

We aim to have as many business partners as possible so we can give all an opportunity to drop in to their desired industry. As well as allowing you to learn more about the sector, this will also provide you with a sense of what it would be like to work for, or even potentially own, a similar business.


Drop in sessions

We understand that physical contact is the most efficient way to build a relationship with people that is based on trust and a real time mutual understanding (what?). We don’t want to go down the route of the ‘catfish’(also what?), and we are sure you do not want to either.

These sessions will start running from April. If you need some guidance, we’re on hand to help with things you are finding difficult in your idea generation, and find solutions, ‘two heads are better than one’!


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